Desiccare understands the importance of safeguarding your shipment from moisture damage. Cargo Dry units conveniently hang on a hook that easily attaches to the inside of your cargo container, providing simple application at maximum protection.

Protect your brand's integrity by preventing “container rain:” Cargo Dry is a specially-formulated desiccant designed to lower the dew point inside shipping and storage containers. By lowering the dew point, it easily protects your products from moisture damage caused by condensation and elevated humidity (“container rain”). Cargo Dry comes in a variety of sizes and concentrations to be used in containers and in packages, cartons and crates inside a container.


  • Transportation

  • Ocean, truck, rail & air shipping containers

  • Spill control

  • Ideal for boats & RVs—can be used as a long term storage application

  • Protection of industrial products (auto parts, machinery, metal products, paper & cardboard boxes)

  • Protection of textiles (leather goods, shoes, furniture, food products, grains, feeds, pet food, canned goods
    & bottled products)



A 3-bag strip containing 1,000 grams—secured to a convenient hook that’s easy
to hang in any container.

Recommended quantity for shipping containers:
Use 6 units (1 case) in one 20’ GP container
Use 12 units (2 cases) in one 40’ GP container

Ship goods without the threat of “Container Rain”
Inhibits the formation of mold, mildew, rust & corrosion
Absorbs up to 158% of its weight in moisture
Provides 50+ days of moisture protection
Prevents weak cartons and loose labels caused by moisture
Environmentally safe & can be disposed of as normal waste
Easy to install with convenient hook


Contains 1,500 grams in a sewn bag with strings for easy placement throughout
the shipping and storage container. Also available in 500-gram bags for easy
application in packages, cartons, and crates inside a container.

Recommended quantity for shipping containers:
Use 10 units (1 case) in one 20’ GP container
Use 20 units (2 cases) in one 40’ GP container


Desiccare provides shorter lead times with our quality in manufacturing—we have efficiently shortened our lead time to 3-4 weeks which is typically shorter than most desiccant suppliers.

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